Arale Cosplay Dr Slump

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Arale Cosplay from Dr. Slump anime by cosplayer zero inch

dr slump cosplay arale norimaki

Wow Arale never look cute like this in the anime / manga, nice work by zero inch the cosplayer ! Arale is a robot built by Senbei Norimaki that looks like a little girl. She is known for her naivety, energetic personality, lack of common sense, and amazingly unbelievable strength. She is nearsighted and needs to wear glasses. This is probably a play on how perfectly human she is meant to be. She has long, bluish-purple hair in the original manga and anime series, but has dark-brown hair in the 1997 Dr. Slump anime.

She enjoying the hobby of poking ‘poop’, disliking boredom, having the talent of feminine allure, and being born on the ‘17th of Flying Fish’. Her name is a pun on the Japanese word for a small senbei.

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