Asuka Langley Soryu Battle Suit Neon Genesis Evangelion Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Asuka Langley Soryu cosplay from Neon Genesis Evangelion
Cosplayer : Saya

Asuka first introduced in episode 8, with the arrival of Eva Unit 02 and the battle with the Angel Gaghiel, Asuka is shown as maintaining a high synchronization ratio and exceptional skills as an Eva pilot, being very aggressive and confident in battle. After first being defeated in battle by Zeruel, Asuka’s self-confidence begins to dwindle. This comes to a head in episode 22, when Arael appears and Asuka, burdened by increasingly poor results in synchronization tests, is infuriated by being ordered to serve as backup to Rei. She defies orders and tries to attack the Angel alone, but is overwhelmed by a psychological attack by the Angel, forcing her to relive her painful memories and resulting in a mental breakdown. She loses the will to live and becomes incapable of piloting Unit 02, spending much of the final episodes of the television series in a hospital bed in a catatonic state.
What a perfect Asuka Langley Soryu cosplay with her battle suit here :) She looks just like real Asuka, i love this awesome cosplay… sexy and cute =P Look there’s Namada cosplay as Rei Ayanami with her battle suit too :D



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