Chiaki Minami Minami-ke Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Chiaki Minami (南 千秋 Minami Chiaki) cosplay from Minami-ke
Cosplayer : 那々原まい

Chiaki is the youngest sister in elementary school. She is in class 5-2 (a reference to Kyo no Gononi). Her apparent high intelligence often makes her over analyze simple stuff. She also tends to ignore idiotic behavior displayed by Kana and Makoto.
She also places Haruka in high regards; she respects and looks up to Haruka. Although being the youngest, she is the meanest out of the three; most of the time, she is quiet during group activities, and almost always uses the word “bakayarō” (meaning dumbass in or simply you fool in Japanese), which is a more forceful form for “idiot” in Japanese (”baka” being the less forceful term).
Chiaki seems to know that Fujioka is genuinely in love with Kana. After talking with Haruka, Chiaki has come to associate Fujioka as a father figure and will often place herself on his lap when she seeks fatherly affection or to complete the family experience. “Chiaki” contains the kanji for “autumn”.
Wew.. a loli cosplay ? Hahaha she even make that onion hair :P that’s just awesome. She looks cute with that hair.. but i think chiaki school dress skirt have pattern ? I hope she won’t say ‘bakayaro’ to anyone there :P



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