Cute Suzumiya Haruhi Cosplay

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Suzumiya Haruhi cosplay from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Cosplayer : Chamaro

Finally Endless Eight arc has finally end, and i have a cute Haruhi cosplay here. I belived Haruhi wear this outfit in Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody when Kyon back to 3 years ago with Mikuru Asahina, and met Haruhi when she tried to open the school gate.. Yeah even in 3 years ago haruhi already a tsundere :P Haruhi asked Kyon whether he’s a sex offender or kidnapper when he carried Mikuru chan :)
And yet, since Kyon was there.. so he help haruhi made some mysterious message or alien words ? for Orohime and Hikoboshi because that day was Tanabata =)
Chamaro looks very cute with this cute Haruhi outfit, very good job for her outfit :) you can see the same panda head on her shirt.. i’ll say this is a perfect haruhi cosplay in 3 years ago =) What do you think ?



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