Fuko Ibuki Clannad Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Fuko Ibuki cosplay from Clannad
Cosplayer : Kousaka Yun

Yay~ after i found Kotomi Ichinose, Nagisa Furukawa, Ryou Fujibayashi, Kyou Fujibayashi, and Tomoyo Sakagami, now i found Fuko ^^ the last female character from Clannad.
Fuko is a first year student at Tomoya’s school. She is always alone, making wood carvings of starfish with a small knife to give to others as presents. This hobby completely drains her concentration and awareness of her surroundings.
She looks so cute just like Fuko, i remember my favorite scene from fuko was when Tomoya asked Fuko to show her hand that was wound and full of bandage, and Tomoya asked for a Hi Five.. so she start to dribble, shoot… goal~ yay! , and Hi 5… and ouch she start to cry… aww she looks very cute :P
From all girls character from Clannad… who’s you favorite ?



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