Haruka Tenoh Sailor Uranus Cosplay

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Haruka Tenoh Sailor Uranus cosplay from Sailor Moon
Cosplayer : Aira

Yay! Finally i found the cutest Haruka Tenoh cosplay or sexy Sailor Uranus cosplay :). Haruka is a stubborn, protective individual, but is also strong-willed, capable, charming, and occasionally even doting. Haruka and Michiru are among the most famous out lesbian characters in anime. Haruka is also extremely flirtatious and loves to tease pretty girls who sometimes mistake her gender due to Haruka’s tomboyish behavior.
Besides her relationship with Michiru, Haruka is also close friends with Setsuna, because the three of them work closely together as Outer Senshi.
From all sailor soldiers, Sailor Uranus is one of my favourite. Maybe because i love tomboyish and short hair girl :P And when i see Haruka Tenoh in her sailor outfit, she look so sexy. I love this sexy Haruka Tenoh cosplay.. very sexy cosplay.



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