Hiruma Yoichi Eyeshield 21 Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Hiruma Yoichi cosplay from Eyeshield 21
Cosplayer : Ayato

The twisted quarterback of the Devil Bats, who is deeper than his demonic face may appear. He even carries multiple amount of guns and a homicidal dog named Cerberus. He is cold and calculating on the field, never falling for tricks or mind games that his enemies may attempt. Though he acts cruel and a little crazy, he really does care about his teammates and friends.
He is clever at calculating, always coming up with a maverick of a plan to pull the team out of dire straits. He is also very brilliant, and is the first member of the “Deimon’s Smart Trio”. His specialty off the field is a combination of blackmail and mind games along with superior intellect which has effectively allowed him to take control of all of Deimon High, including the faculty.
Cool Hiruma cosplay :D Hmm.. i still wonder why the school let him carry that gun :P It’s not a military school..hmm.. i think Hiruma has blackmail the school with his “devil book” hehehe.



Aww.. too bad we never see this in anime or manga..:( they never reveal the relationship between this two.

Kissu..kissu..!! We like to see a happy ending :D

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