Katsura Hinagiku Hayate No Gotoku Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Katsura Hinagiku cosplay from Hayate No Gotoku
Cosplayer : Hinomura Uta

Katsura Hinagiku is the current student council president, and kendo club president at Hakuō Academy, the school that Nagi, Isumi, and eventually Hayate attends. She is fifteen and is an expert with swords, specifically kendo. She first meets Hayate when he gets lost on the huge Hakuo campus and ends up rescuing her. She allows Hayate to call her by her first name and also seems to be infatuated by Hayate and his attractive personality.
Cute Hinagi~ :D She looks so cute with Hinagiku’s outfit.. but i think Hina never wear any stipped socks/stockings right ? Anyway i love this cosplay =)



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