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Kei Kishimoto Cosplay from Gantz anime by cosplayer yu-ji

gantz cosplay kei kishimoto 

Her outfit looks awesome ! she made it real just like on the manga / anime, so sexy :) Kei Kishimoto is a member of the first Gantz team shown in the manga and the Anime, and remains a main character in the series until she dies in the third mission. Another version of her is featured as the main character in the Gantz/EXA novel.
Kishimoto first appears naked in the Gantz room, she having slit her wrists in the bathtub to commit suicide due to her mother’s bullying. The slits on her wrist take a few moments to heal, and she seems to be disoriented upon first arrival.

Kishimoto shows her gentle and kind hearted nature. She is also rather clueless around boys, as evident by her asking Kurono to be his pet, and then sleeping in the same bed with him, naive as can be, not realizing he might get the wrong idea.
She tended to annoy Kurono with her constant talking about Kato, who she was in love with, while Kurono was unable to get her interested in him at all. During the Buddha Temple mission she proves her love towards Kato by selflessly sacrificing herself to save him, she confesses her love for him as she passes away in his arms.

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