Kipi Pastel Ink Cosplay Moetan

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Cosplay Character

Pastel Ink cosplay from Moetan
Cosplayer : Kipi

Ink Nijihara Moetan’s heroine. She lives next door to Nao and is infatuated with him. Even though she is 17 she is often mistaken as a grade-schooler, however she makes up for it with her high grades, especially in English. She meets Ah-kun who gives her the power to transform into the magical hero Pastel Ink;
using a pink flip phone, changing through that of ribbons into a duck-like outfit with blue hair. Using this new power she helps the people of her city while also using it to tutor Nao in English.
Sexy Pastel Ink cosplay :) with a sexy pose too ^^; Kipi looks so cute with that outfit, what a sexy cosplay.



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