Klan Klan Macross Frontier Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Klan Klan (Kuran Kuran) cosplay from Macross Frontier
Cosplayer : Tomoyo

A blue-haired Zentradi female (Meltrandi) who is in command of the all-female S.M.S. Pixie Squadron, with the rank of captain. As a childhood friend of Michael Blanc, she actually harbors a crush on him that does not seem to be reciprocated until too late. She is also a top ace Queadluun-Reapower-armor pilot.
Due to a certain genetic anomaly, she appears her age as a fully-developed Meltrandi while macronized, but becomes physically a juvenile in her micronian form. This makes her the perfect target for Michael’s mockery. In episode 20 Clan Clang reveals her love to Michael in the heat of battle, only to watch helplessly from the macronization chamber how he dies trying to protect her.
Whoa.. a perfect micronian form from Klan Klan by Tomoyo :P, yeah because she still a lolita right =) She looks cute with this outfit.



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    [...] for but avoided because she believed it would damage their existing relationship. After you see cute Klan Klan micronian form cosplay, now we have a sexy Klan Klan cosplay here Wait… don’t you think her boobs looks [...]

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