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Meiko cosplay from Vocaloid
Cosplayer : Ohno Yuta

Meiko is a Vocaloid DTM (Desktop Music) software created by Crypton Future Media. She utilizes the older Vocaloid engine, the predecessor for Vocaloid2, and her voice is completely computer synthesized thus is less smooth sounding. Although rougher sounding, Meiko and Kaito are able to incorporate much broader voice range than Miku and Rin/Len. She is fit to sing anything from pop, rock, jazz, and R & B to children’s songs.
As a mascot character, being the older sister of Kaito, she is also the older sister figure for the Vocaloid group. She wears red, and carries around a microphone stand. She also is frequently seen drinking from One Cup Ozeki, a sake widely available through vending machines, which serves as her character item.
She looks really cute with her sexy pose here :)



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