Michiru Kaiou Sailor Neptune Cosplay

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Michiru Kaiou Sailor Neptune cosplay from Sailor Moon
Cosplayer : Kaguya

Michiru Kaiou (aka. Sailor Neptune or Michelle in the English anime) is one of the Outer Soldiers. She is ladylike, elegant and she is portrayed as a very polite, calm character in the series. She dislikes being patronized even if not doing so would hurt her feelings, and subsequently will not indulge people.
She is clearly intelligent, and this usually manifests itself through art and music. Usagi once commented that Michiru was the ideal example of a princess.
Another sexy sailor :) Sexy Sailor Neptune cosplay >.< i love this cosplay, kaguya looks so sexy and cute with that outfit. Look there's Sailor Uranus too, maybe they’ll perform a lesbian relationship here like in one of the photo ? :P



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  1. alejandra tejada perez Says:

    estas chicas seven muy bonitas y si se parecen con las seilor urano y necturno
    si que saven de lo mejor chao


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