Nagi Sanzenin Hayate No Gotoku Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Nagi Sanzen’in cosplay from Hayate no Gotoku (Hayate the Combat Butler)
Cosplayer : Ibara

Nagi Sanzen’in, thirteen, is the only heir to the Sanzen’in fortune. She is an extremely irresponsible spoiled little girl who doesn’t know how to do much on her own besides read manga and play video games, she also has an otaku-level hobby with manga and anime, and draws her own, very strange, manga, called End of the Century Legend: Magical Destroy.
She is good at finances and likes to learn. She has a pet tiger named Tama, who has gained the ability to speak like a human being through watching exstensive amounts of anime with Nagi. Nagi is afraid of dark places and has a history of making potentially lethal mistakes when cooking. She is very nonathletic and not as familiar with the real world as she should be.
Another tsundere character :P just like Louise, but i think i choose Nagi more then Louise =) Love this cosplay, Ibara looks cute with this outfit =P



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    [...] is continually teased throughout the series as being physically feminine, and Nagi and Maria constantly dress him up in dresses and women’s clothes. And he looks so moe in Nagi [...]

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    [...] the current student council president, and kendo club president at HakuĊ Academy, the school that Nagi, Isumi, and eventually Hayate attends. She is fifteen and is an expert with swords, specifically [...]

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