Nami One Piece Cosplay

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Nami cosplay from One Piece
Cosplayer : Amanone Shun

Another Nami cosplay =) Nami also has an obsession with fashion, as she is never seen wearing the same clothes. When Nami goes shopping, she sometimes goes to exquisite boutiques and tries on stuff, just to leave stating that she is searching for something more casual.
She doesn’t seem to have much modesty as she sometimes wears rather skimpy clothing and allows people to take photos of her in a swimsuit (as long as they pay). She even doesn’t have any problems with men seeing her naked as she showed her body to the crew so they would stop watching Vivi and her. Also, she changed her clothes in full view on a sea train. However, if someone does see her naked, she charges 100,000 Beri per view.
What a cute nami we got here :P I forgot when exactly she wear this dress, her top bikini makes her looks even more sexy =)



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