Panty Cosplay Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

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Panty Cosplay from Panty & Stocking anime by cosplayer aira

sexy panty cosplay

After the we saw the younger sister, stocking cosplay now it’s time for cosplay panty by aira :) The older of the Anarchy sisters, Panty is portrayed as a sexy celebrity blonde. She is always looking for men to sleep with, although her low standards and impulsive choices can lead to her dissatisfaction after the act. She has the ability to turn any pair of panties into a gun called “Backlace” used to battle the ghosts of Daten City.

Panty is the ruder and more aggressive of the sisters, in contrast to the more level-headed Stocking. She likes spicy food, hates sugar, and shows fondness for the celebrity lifestyle-especially when it gets her closer to the men she craves.

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