Rima Toya Vampire Knight Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Rima Toya cosplay from Vampire Knight
Cosplayer : Saya

Rima Toya is one of the youngest Night Class students. She works as a model alongside Senri Shiki. Her exact relationship with Shiki is unknown, though they are almost always seen together. She cares deeply for Shiki and possesses a personality similar to his. Rima possesses either lightning or electricity powers. She is roomates with Ruka Souen.
She can be slightly impulsive, tends to only expend energy when necessary, so she comes off as lazy most of the time, and usually is a lady of few words. Sometimes Rima doesn’t seem to care and just goes with the flow, also, she is short-tempered when it comes to certain things and very mellow as for others.
She looks like a doll because of the style clothing she wears and her hair style. She has straight orangey blonde hair that’s usually in pigtails tied in black ribbons. Rima has clear blue eyes. Similar to the other Vampires, she also has a rather pale complexion. But in this photo you can see she looks so cute and bright.. i love this cute Rima Toya cosplay :D



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  1. Rima Says:

    i love Rima and you are my Idol of Cosplaying!!

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