Ringo Noyamano Air Gear Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Ringo Noyamano cosplay from Air Gear
Cosplayer : Nao Kosaka

Ringo Noyamano (野山野 林檎 Noyamano Ringo) is successor of Sleeping Forest and the Thorn Queen, of the Sonia Road. She is a second generation gravity child and the only one completely unaffected by pressure in the Trophaeum due to the pressure which the Sonia Road exerts on the user’s body, leading to her being undefeated there. Her Sonia Road gives her graceful and deadly agility that eventually takes its toll on her body, except when inside of the ‘forest’ of Trophaeum.
She is in love with Ikki, but she is unable to relay her feelings. This also makes it hard for her to fulfill her purpose as Sleeping Forest’s leader while supporting Ikki. She helps Kogarasumaru in times of trouble under the guise of Croissant Mask, even coming to Kogarasumaru’s aid when it was revealed that Ikki’s negligence had prevented the team from registering.
Cute Ringo :D her thick glasses just like in real one. Nao looks really different with Ringo outfit and style, she looks more dolly :P



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  1. hita Says:

    oh my god!

    you are the most perfect cosplayer of ringu i’ve ever seen!

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