Ruka Souen Vampire Knight Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Ruka Souen cosplay from Vampire Knight
Cosplayer : Saya

Ruka grew up as a noble vampire, and this gives her a self-important air. She reflects this persona to the outside world: haughty, bored, and uninterested. She is beautiful, though hot tempered, and is easily jealous, especially of Yuki because of Kaname’s feelings for her. She is tied by loyalty and admiration for the Pureblood, Kaname. This love for Kaname brings out a vulnerable, self-doubting aspect of Ruka, which she only expresses to Akatsuki. It also brings to light her possessive, moody, and extremely stubborn attitude.
Ruka is slim, with a pale complexion. She is dainty, elegant, and very ladylike. She has the same ethereal beauty that the rest of her race possesses, with delicate features and light eyes that are a dusky-rose color. She has wavy dark peach-orange colored hair that falls to her waist. Don’t you think Saya looks cute with Ruka’s school uniform here :) She sure looks sexy too.. don’t you agree ?



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2 Responses to “Ruka Souen Vampire Knight Cosplay”

  1. Rima Toya Vampire Knight Cosplay | Sexy Cosplay Photo Gallery Says:

    [...] similar to his. Rima possesses either lightning or electricity powers. She is roomates with Ruka Souen. She can be slightly impulsive, tends to only expend energy when necessary, so she comes off as [...]

  2. Zillaodg Says:

    The costume isn’t of Ruka Souen, it’s actually Maria Kurenai from Vampire Knight.Ruka has blonde hair, Maria has Silver/Gray, and she has a katana at one point, as well as the hair is different.

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