Ryuubi Gentoku Ikki Tousen Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Ryuubi Gentoku (Liu Bei) cosplay from Ikki Tousen
Cosplayer : Ryuuna

A clutzy, ditzy bespectacled bookworm with seemingly no combat skills. She can’t even swim, fear of homosexuals, wondering if she is homosexual herself, and convinced that Kanu and Chouhui are lesbians who are attracted to her. Ryuubi is destined to be a great leader but is presently too timid and carefree to become one. However, she is still more than willing to do her best for her friends.
She is best friends with Chouhi and possesses the most destructive dragon seen, which is so evil that it radiates enthropic energy and nearly made her disembowel herself before Ryomou, Chouhi, and Kanu managed to stop her, resulting in all of them being critically wounded. She seems unaware of this and is prone to occasional highly destructive out-bursts when her dragon rouses. These outbursts happen when Ryubi sees her friends get hurt in battle.
A cute and simple cosplay. I really like Ryuubi’s uniform as compared to the other characters, maybe because this one looks normal than other Ikki Tousen’s uniforms =P



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