Saya Kyou Fujibayashi Clannad Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Kyou Fujibayashi cosplay from Clannad
Cosplayer : Saya

Is that Ryou or Kyou ? Oh, long hair means Kyou right :P
Kyou is a bad-mouthed and aggressive girl who is also well known as a good cook. She is the older of the Fujibayashi twins. She was in Tomoya’s class in their second year, and has maintained a steady friendship with Tomoya even though they are put in different classes on their third year. She is currently the class representative of her class. She has a pet baby boar named Button (ボタン ,Botan). She owns a scooter, which is known only to Tomoya and her sister. She throws various types of dictionaries towards anyone she gets furious with, especially Youhei.
Finally a new clannad cosplay, thanks to mpzero for this awesome photos. And the sexy cosplayer too, Saya never let me down :P She always looks cute with her pose here.



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