Saya Setsuna Meioh Sailor Pluto Cosplay

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Setsuna Meioh Sailor Pluto cosplay from Sailor Moon
Cosplayer : Saya

Sailor Pluto (セーラープルート Sērā Purūto) is one of the central fictional characters in the Sailor Moon metaseries. Her human name is Setsuna Meioh (冥王 せつな Meiō Setsuna, or Trista in the English anime), a college student who can transform into one of the series’ specialized heroines, the Sailor Senshi.
Sailor Pluto first appears as a Senshi in the second major story arc, and her civilian form is not shown until the third. She is unique among all the characters in that she is stationed at the Door of Space-Time, with the specific duty of forbidding anyone to pass through it without permission. She has powers that relate to both time and the underworld.
One of my favorite sailor soldiers :D Sailor Pluto ! Well i think i don’t need to mention how cute and sexy saya with this sailor outfit right :P The key-shaped staff is really cool ! i wonder how she made that..



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