Saya Takagi Cosplay High School of the Dead

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Saya Takagi Cosplay another sexy character from High School of the Dead anime


look there’s cosplay saeko busujima with saya takagi together :) they look so sexy and hot together ! i love the uniform detail, even though the i don’t really like the highschool of the dead seifuku because the skirt uniform looks weird on saeko.

Saya Takagi is a self-proclaimed genius, Saya’s knowledge and deductive capabilities have allowed the group to escape from harm many times. She was among the first to conclude that “they” were attracted to only sound. Despite coming from a prestigious family, she despises her parents whom she thought had given up on finding her in this crisis. However, Saya was able to amend their relationship before leaving the mansion.

sexy saya takagi cosplay with a cute pose

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