Saya Yagyu Kyuubei Gin Tama Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Yagyu Kyuubei cosplay from Gin Tama
Cosplayer : Saya

She is an aristocratic young lady who was brought up as a male in order to succeed her family’s clan. She dresses and behaves like a boy due to her upbringing, but occasionally shows her more feminine side. She was close friends with Otae when they were children, and lost her left eye protecting her when they were young. As a result of this incident, Kyuubei now wears an eye-patch across her left eye. The incident also left her with the determination to make herself stronger, and for many years she was training hard to improve her skills. When she returned shortly, she has already mastered the Yagyu-Ryu sword technique. Her strength is just below her grandfather’s.
Sexy Yagyu Kyuubei cosplay and she looks so sexy with that yukata :P Not to mention her sexy pose with that sword, i love this sexy cosplay =)



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