Sexy Boa Hancock One Piece Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Boa Hancock cosplay from One Piece
Cosplayer : Miyuku

Hancock is a very complex woman. At first glance, she appears to be selfish, pompous and spoiled, and is used to having her own way. She also can be arrogant and cruel, usually justifying her less than admirable actions with her apparently unmatched beauty and thinks that she can get away with anything because the world will forgive her. She has also proven that she is a very skilled liar, and excellent at fabricating stories, and her confidence leads her to never consider the consequences of her actions.
Apart from her great beauty, Hancock has the ability to turn people into stone. This occurs when her hands form a heart shape, and beams are shot out of the shape. Anyone with “dirty thoughts” will be turned into stone as long as they do not have a means to block it out emotionally like with fear or pain. Under the thought of the Kuja tribe, they thought it was a curse given to her by killing a Gorgon monster. However, the truth is that this power is the Devil Fruit Mero Mero no Mi that fed to her by the World Nobles who enslaved her, as a form of entertainment.
Boa Hancock is indeed the most beautiful woman in One Piece :D I love that sexy Hancock outfit, it makes the cute cosplayer looks very sexy :)



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4 Responses to “Sexy Boa Hancock One Piece Cosplay”

  1. Nefertari Vivi Cosplay One Piece | Sexy Cosplay Photo Gallery Says:

    [...] so close each other And there will be 3 sexy one piece girl in straw hat’s crew. Maybe the sexy Boa Hancock will join too someday [...]

  2. Sexy Boa Hancock Cosplay One Piece | Sexy Cosplay Photo Gallery Says:

    [...] Wow she looks so sexy with boa hancock outfit, i think this boa hancock is cuter than the last boa hancock cosplay. Because HRM looks cuter and even sexier, just like see a real princess hancock What a great work [...]

  3. Necromancer Says:

    Yeah, she’s more than beautiful, but I think that her expressions are not the appropiate for Hancock, I mean she is a cold woman, but in the photos she seems like the sweetest girl in the series, which is not true. Anyway, the outfit is perfect!

  4. Rasya Says:

    hanckock is beautyfull.
    so do you ^_^

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