Sexy Hatsune Miku Vocaloid Cosplay

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Hatsune Miku cosplay from Vocaloid 2
Cosplayer : Midori Kanda

What a sexy Hatsune Miku cosplay, she looks really beautiful with this casual white dress… so sweet >.< I think many cosplayer already cosplay as Hatsune Miku.. well i never get bored with it, because she always looks cute. Include Midori Kanda, she makes a really cute Miku :) Enjoy Hatsune Miku sexy photos =)



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2 Responses to “Sexy Hatsune Miku Vocaloid Cosplay”

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    [...] Rock Shooter is what I would describe as a black assassin version of Miku Hatsune. “B★RS” is an original song by ryo. The character creation and design is by Huke. The [...]

  2. Jesse :P Says:

    This is a really good picture of what Miku would look like as a real person

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