Sexy Izuna Hazuki Reibaishi Izuna Cosplay

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Yuna cosplay from Hell Teacher Nube (Jigoku Sensei Nube)
Cosplayer : Midori Kanda

You know in Hell Teacher Nube (Jigoku Sensei Nube) there’s a school girl, Izuna Hazuki. Now, Izuna Hazuki come back in spin-off manga Reibaishi Izuna, it focuses on a different person and/or place from the original story Izuna-chan, who is Itako girl here overthrows an erotic accident occured by an erotic ghastly apparition! She now becomes a lady, getting an adult’s body! She comes back as a bit mature Itako! Please pay attention to Izuna who became mature? In the 3rd volume, Izuna becomes a mini-skirt Santa Clause, does a tentacles’ play, goes to a love hotel, etc.
And if you see many sexy scenes in Jigoku Sensei Nube, now it increased the level :P It became such a yammy story, and the most erotic story is the 3rd story. If you love Bukkake, you’ll be satisfied for sure.
So have you read the Reibaishi Izuna manga ? Yeah there’s a lot of ecchi scene there, not only Izuna ecchi scene.. but many girls victim too. Okay now we got a sexy cosplay of Izuna Hazuki here :D Midori Kanda looks so hot with that school girl outfit. Very sexy cosplay… i love it.



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