Sexy Kei Enomoto Cosplay Hatsukoi Limited

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Cosplay Character

Kei Enomoto cosplay from Hatsukoi Limited
Cosplayer : Akira

Kei Enomoto is one of Ayumi’s friends, she’s apparently very popular with guys due to her “mature” face. However, she sees the attention she receives as a hassle, and believes confessions of love are just a chore if the feeling isn’t mutual. She openly admits that looks are a major factor in choosing a relationship, but carries a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with Kusuda. But when he confessed his feelings to her, she returned them. She is in the same grade as Ayumi.
Sexy Kei Enomoto cosplay :) Did you remember when she wear this sexy outfit ? Yup, it’s at the ending song, you can see all Hatsukoi Limited female characters with their sexy outfit. And Kei is one of them ^^ wearing this bunny ear with a very sexy dress :P



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