Sexy Klan Klan Macross Frontier Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Klan Klan cosplay from Macross Frontier
Cosplayer : Harumi

Klan Klang is the Zentradi captain who leads the Pixie Team of the S.M.S. As a top ace, she pilots a crimson red Queadluun-Rea in giant Zentradi size. She is self-conscious of her small size when Micloned due to a genetic anomaly. She is a childhood friend of Michael Blanc. She has feelings for but avoided because she believed it would damage their existing relationship.
After you see cute Klan Klan micronian form cosplay, now we have a sexy Klan Klan cosplay here :D Wait… don’t you think her boobs looks bigger then the real Klan Klang ? Well i still love this sexy cosplay =)



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