Sexy Kokoa Shuzen Rosario + Vampire Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Kokoa Shuzen cosplay from Rosario + Vampire
Cosplayer : Minami Hazuki

Kokoa Shuzen is the younger half-sister of Moka Akashiya. Bearing a similar appearance to Moka, except for her orange hair and cyan eyes, she arrives as a first-year student to Yokai Academy. Like her sister, Kokoa is also a vampire, but her powers are not sealed and does not carry the same supernatural strength Moka possesses. To compensate, she has a pet bat, Kou/Nazo Koumori, that can transform into a variety of weapons and wields it with enough strength to make herself formidable.
Another sexy girl from Rosario+Vampire, Kokoa Shuzen :) She looks so sexy with that cute pose. But in Rosario+Vampire character, i like Mizore Shirayuki more then Kokoa and Moka :P What about you ?



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