Sexy Orihime Inoue Bleach Cosplay

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Orihime Inoue cosplay from Bleach
Cosplayer : Momoneko Haru

Orihime Inoue (井上 織姫 Inoue Orihime) is a classmate and friend of Ichigo Kurosaki, the main character of the series. Like many other friends of Ichigo, she quickly develops spiritual powers of her own after Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper. Through the series, Orihime learns about Ichigo’s duties as a Soul Reaper and decides to accompany him when he goes to Soul Society to save Rukia Kuchiki. She also has a crush with Ichigo, which becomes love as the series continues, but has problems in confessing such feelings.
What a sexy Orihime Inoue cosplay look! there’s Kon too :D He must be happy to be hugged by Orihime :P She looks cute with that white dress right :)



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