Sexy Tsunade Naruto Cosplay

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Tsunade cosplay from Naruto
Cosplayer : Yuuhi

Tsunade is the Fifth Hokage (Godaime Hokage) of Konohagakure, taking over after Hiruzen Sarutobi died. Along with Orochimaru and Jiraiya, she is one of the Legendary Sannin of Konoha, and the only one left alive after Jiraiya’s death and Orochimaru’s permanent sealing. She excels in medical ninjutsu.
Sexy Tsunade cosplay :D Well Tsunade is one of the sexy character girls in Naruto right ? maybe because Tsunade boobs :P Though Tsunade is regarded as Konoha’s strongest kunoichi, but the transformation dispels when she runs out of chakra, reducing her to an elderly and frail form.. i hope i’ll never see her in that form.



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