Sexy Villetta Nu Chigusa Code Geass Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Villetta Nu (Chigusa) cosplay from Code Geass
Cosplayer : Midori Kanda

After Jeremiah’s apparent death, Villetta resolves not to die in disgrace as he did. She begins investigating Zero’s identity, basing her search on the blurry image of Lelouch she saw in her Knightmare shortly before exiting it. She narrows her search down to Lelouch, and enlists the aid of Shirley Fenette to discover the truth. When Shirley discovers Lelouch’s secret identity, Villetta nearly succeeds in arresting him, but Shirley shoots her to protect Lelouch.
Villetta is saved by Kaname Ohgi, who doesn’t realize who she is. Having developed amnesia from the trauma of being shot, Ohgi names her Chigusa (チグサ) and decides to take care of her, since he is unwilling to kill her in cold blood and turning her into the police would draw unwanted attention towards the Black Knights. She seems to fall in love with him as a result, even going as far as telling him that she didn’t mind him being an Eleven.
So Hot !!! Once again i must say Ohgi really lucky to see Villetta with this dress, Lucky Bastard :D Ah.. now Midori Kanda have a perfect dark skin to cosplay as Chigusa or Villetta Nu :P She looks very sexy >.< i hope i can get a sexy housewife like her :P



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