Sexy Villetta Nu Code Geass Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Villetta Nu cosplay from Code Geass
Cosplayer : Midori Kanda

Villetta Nu is a dark skinned elite Knightmare Frame pilot and subordinate of Jeremiah Gottwald, though she is more collected than Jeremiah in battle. She is not of noble blood, but supports Jeremiah and the Purist Faction in the hopes that it would earn her a real title of nobility. Jeremiah had hoped to bestow her the title of Baroness so that her descendants would retain her noble rank.
In the intermediate year, Villetta has been granted the title of Baroness for discovering Zero’s identity and is working with the Britannian Secret Intelligence Service. She is employed at Ashford Academy as the gym teacher, placed there to monitor Lelouch for any signs of contact with C.C. She is quite popular within the school, and is also the head of the swimming club, of which Shirley Fenette is a member. Along with Rolo Lamperouge, she is the only one aware of Lelouch’s suppressed Geass ability.
What a sexy cosplay :D Damn ! Ohgi so lucky to have Villetta in his side :( , but she had to shot him first :P Midori Kanda really have a perfect body, so slim.. and sexy.. but as Villetta her skin is not dark enough.



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