Sexy Yoruichi Shihoin Bleach Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Yoruichi Shihoin cosplay from Bleach
Cosplayer : Tooru

Yoruichi Shihoin is an attractive, dark-skinned woman with golden-colored eyes and long purple hair. She also has fairly sizable breasts. While technically a Shinigami like any other, she can transform into a black cat for long periods of time. Her standard attire is a backless black undershirt, an orange over shirt, black wrist-guards, occasional yellow wrist and leg warmers, black pants, and light shoes for the flash steps. When she was a captain, she wore the same sleeveless and backless Shinigami uniform that Soifon is wearing now, but had a black choker tied to her neck. She also wore a long-sleeved Captain’s haori. 110 years ago, her hair was much shorter and cut in a style similar to Soifon’s current hair-style without the braids.
What a sexy Yoruichi Shihoin cosplay, that backless outfit is very sexy. The cosplayer really need a courage to wear this outfit :P I love this sexy cosplay.



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    [...] or covering for the back. Her hair is worn short with two long braids covered in cloth. Prior to Yoruichi’s defection, Soifon’s hair was shoulder-length and had a softer look to it . Instead of [...]

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