Sonsaku Hakufu Ikki Tousen Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Sonsaku Hakufu (Sun Ce) cosplay from Ikki Tousen
Cosplayer : Fujihisa

The protagonist of the series. She is busty, blonde haired, green-eyed, Hakufu is both a low ranked and low skilled fighter. She has demonstrated none of her unique fighting gifts or chi powers and is arguably more stupid. It takes her longer to figure out that people are trying to take advantage of her, is more prone to doing dumber things, and either doesn’t mind or is unaware of people harassing or hitting on her. She demonstrates none of her momentary wisdom either.
Sexy cosplay of Hakufu =) I haven’t seen Ikki Tousen yet, but a lot of people seem to like this series… Maybe I should find the time to watch it. I heard many ecchi scene in it ?



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2 Responses to “Sonsaku Hakufu Ikki Tousen Cosplay”

  1. Antho Says:

    I like that picture, its so cute ^^

  2. beginner Says:

    her face does not resemble the anime.

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