Soul Eater Evans Soul Eater Cosplay

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Soul Eater Evans cosplay from Soul Eater
Cosplayer : Uko Sakazaki

Soul Eater Evans (ソウル・イーター・エヴァンス, Sōru Ītā Evansu), “Soul” to his friends, is Maka’s Demon Scythe partner.
Soul’s personality is laid back and nonchalant, as he tries to mold himself to his expectations of how someone “cool” would act. He often expresses how he feels about some situations by either claiming that something is “cool” or “not cool.” Being a supposedly cool guy, he prefers to use the direct approach which most of the time fails. He even drives a motorcycle, which both he and Maka use for transportation. He can sometimes become too driven by the thought of eating souls, which leads him to bicker with Maka or become impatient with her, but despite their squabbles, they are always able to maintain a solid friend-partner relationship. He may have feelings for her as he is “willing to die for his technician.” He is also friends with Black Star because of their similar personalities, but at the same time they cannot match their wavelengths.
Waaa.. both of Kotori and Uko Sakazaki looks cute with this outfit >.< i love this anime cosplay couple so much :)



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