Tiffania Westwood Cosplay Zero No Tsukaima

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Tiffania Westwood Cosplay from zero no tsukaima by akira katayama

cosplay tiffania westwood

Sexy elf ! i wonder why elf always wearing sexy outfit :P Tiffania Westwood is a new character shown starting from Futatsuki no Kishi’s last episode and one of the central characters of Princess no Rondo. Tiffania is the half-elf who revived Saito. After Saito finds her she starts going to the school instead of living in the woods. She is known for her large breasts.

Tiffania is a void user like Louise and remembered by Saito as ‘the big-brested elf that saved my life”. Predictably, she has feelings for Saito, which seems to get him ‘punished’ by Louise quite frequently. She is also apparently elven royalty through a sister.

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