Uki Asami Female Team Magma Grunt Pokemon Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Female Team Magma Grunt cosplay from Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire
Cosplayer : Uki Asami

Name: Team Magma (American), Magma-Dan (Japanese)
Name Meaning: “Magma” is the stuff found in volcanos and “Dan” is a group or party.
First Appearance: Episode 278, A Ruin with a View!
Team Magma is one of the main threats to Hoenn. Taking the place of the Team Rocket, Team Magma’s goal is simple.. capture the legendary continent Pokemon, Groudon and use it to increase the planet’s landmass to create more land habitats for people and Pokemon alike. As they take over various locations and try different schemes, attempting to gather information about the beast, they must ward off their rivals, Team Aqua.
Whoa.. the outfit is sexy :D and the cosplayer is cute too :D The combination of red and black looks beautiful for team magma outfit :D



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