Wang Liu Mei Gundam 00 Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Wang Liu Mei cosplay from Gundam 00
Cosplayer : Madoka

Wang Liu Mei was a wealthy socialite and agent of Celestial Being along with her assistant Hong Long. Her age was deceptive of her high level of maturity as well as her intellectual prowess in investigations and information. Due to her upper class lifestyle, she had certain resources at her disposal that made her very useful to Celestial Being. It was unclear if she was a sponsor to Celestial Being like Laguna Harvey, but it would explain the level of trust and access Mei has to Celestial Being.
I belived this is the chinese dress she wear when the first time we see her :) I love this sexy chinese dress =) it looks so sexy on Madoka, and Madoka looks so cute in this photo. I love this sexy Wang Liu Mei cosplay :P



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