Yukime Hell Teacher Nube Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Yukime cosplay from Hell Teacher Nube
Cosplayer : Midori Kanda

Yukime is a 16-year old yuki-onna whose life and existence was complicated due to her love and emotions for Nube. After Nube saved her life, Yukime made a promise that she would eventually find him so they could be together “in eternal love”. The meaning of this was eventually made clear when she came down to Doumori, intent on bringing home her beloved Nube… frozen in ice where he would not die, to live with her “for eternity”.
She still has a warm heart, however, and her love for Nube was real, and Yukime was convinced that he shouldn’t be brought to the mountains thanks to the efforts of Nube’s students; when she tried to attack them, the until-then frozen Nube de-froze himself and told Yukime that she should leave, and so she did… for some time, since she returned and decided to stay in Domori, working as an ice skating coach at the local skating rink and trying to win his heart.
I think Yukime is one of the sexiest yuki onna, because yuki onna have to be sexy to ‘catch’ a man right :P I love Yukime hair so much because it’s unique.. and look at the cute doll she have there, Yukime and Nube is one of the sweetest couple i ever see :)



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  3. Asahi Says:

    The hair looks like Hatsune Miku.. :)

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