Louise Zero no Tsukaima Cosplay

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Louise (ルイズ Ruizu) cosplay from The Familiar of Zero (Zero no Tsukaima)
Cosplayer : Iriru

Louise Françoise de la Baume le Blanc de la Vallière, third daughter of the noble family La Vallière who owns the north-eastern territory of Tristain, is the main female character. She is a second year student at the Tristain Academy of Magic. Louise is a terrible mage who is often scorned by her fellow classmates because every spell she casts fails, so she is nicknamed “Louise the Zero” after her zero success rate and zero attributes. This has led her to be very bitter and occasionally cruel in the way she treats her future familiar Saito.
One of tsundere character in anime history :P Love her costume, make me remember how sexy louise is :) Hmm.. i still confuse about her costume here… should i put it in school uniform category or not ? because you know that’s a school uniform in the anime right ?



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