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Sakura Kinomoto Card Captor Sakura Cosplay

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 | 14,781 views

Cosplay Character

Sakura Kinomoto cosplay from Card Captor Sakura
Cosplayer : Zero Inch

When 10-year-old Sakura finds a mysterious book in her father’s study, she had no idea opening it would change her life forever. Created by an English-Chinese Sorcerer, Clow Reed, the Clow Cards were sealed into the Clow Book upon his death closely and guarded by Cerberus, the Beast of the Seal. Because the cards had been released, Sakura must find and seal each and every card before catastrophe befalls the world.
Cute cosplay. I wonder which card she’s holding? Perhaps Windy, her favorite card, or the Hope Card, the last card which is also known as the unsealed card. Guess we’ll never know unless this cosplayer herself tells us. Great work!



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