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Hinoki Sakurai Kana Minami Minami-ke Cosplay

Friday, May 29th, 2009 | 10,712 views

Cosplay Character

Kana Minami (南 夏奈 Minami Kana) cosplay from Minami-ke
Cosplayer : Hinoki Sakurai

Kana is the middle sister in her second year of junior-high school. Kana is an impulsive and lively girl who never thinks before acting. She often acts or talks impolitely without thinking, much to the annoyance of Chiaki. She has been mislead by Chiaki into thinking that Fujioka is challenging her. She generally does not get good grades in school, though she thinks that if she puts on Keiko’s glasses she will act and speak intelligently. She frequently invents random new holidays and also recruits Chiaki’s classmates into joining her silly escapades. “Kana” contains the kanji for “summer”.
Hmm.. i think both her twin tail hairs a little bit short ? Well maybe this is kana in real life right :P Hinoki Sakurai looks younger with this dress and sexy too :D



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