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Sadi Chan Cosplay One Piece

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 | 11,677 views

Sadi Chan Cosplay from One Piece by あんり

one piece cosplay sadi chan

The sexy chief guard of Impel Down is here :P Sadi-chan name comes from the word sadism, as her entire character motif is based on sadomasochism. She dresses in a very skimpy red (hot pink in the anime) devil-themed outfit. Her outfit covers only the top half of her exposed breasts with laces that hang down that are also featured around her waist.

She has long sleeves that slope into stylized rips. Around her neck, she wears a scarf-like cape that is white on the outside and pale pink on the inside. She carries around a pitchfork and wears a headpiece that resembles horns. She has long unkept orange hair that covers her eyes and wears candle-shaped earrings. She wears high heeled shoes that come to a curved tip decorated with spikes.

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Trafalgar Law Cosplay One Piece

Friday, November 12th, 2010 | 70,285 views

Trafalgar Law Cosplay from One Piece Anime / Manga by あんり


The most coolest cosplay trafalgar law i’ve ever seen ! Law is a slim man of average height. He is seen wearing a black-sleeved yellow hoodie with his Jolly Roger out on the front of his chest. He has many tribal-style tattoos on his arms, as well as a pair of small earrings on both ears. Law wears a pair of jeans with odd markings, with a leopard pattern semblance, on both the knee and ankle areas. On his left hand in particular are the letters D, E, A, T, and H tattooed each on the back of his fingers.

the tattoo, outfit and sworld is prefect ! i really love this one piece cosplay, and you can see the sexy pirate jewelry bonney cosplay too in there

Trafalgar Law is the captain of the Heart Pirates, a pirate crew from the North Blue, and one of the eleven supernovas on Sabaody Archipelago whose bounties are higher than 100,000,000 when the Straw Hats arrived in the place. He has the fifth highest bounty in the Eleven Supernovas.

Jewelry Bonney and Trafalgar Law together

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Sexy Jewelry Bonney Cosplay One Piece

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 | 30,899 views

Sexy Jewelry Bonney Cosplay from One Piece
the girl who cosplay as jewelry bonney is the same with the sexy boa hancock, HRM :) She looks so cute with this bonney cosplay >.<

Bonney is a slim woman, with long pink hair and purple eyes. She's wearing of a revealing white top that exposes her stomach and cleavage of her big breasts, along with a pair of orange and black striped, buckled shorts with long, thin suspenders.
She also wears black high-heeled boots which reach up to her calves, with large laces coming from the openings, and a pair of hot pink and dark red stockings with a yellow sun-like motif on them.

She also has some sort of green hat that folds over in the middle, with a lighter green lining. She has an anti-eyebrow below her right eye, and bright red lipstick on her lips. She is sometimes seen wearing a brown furred jacket.


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