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Scanty Cosplay Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Saturday, December 4th, 2010 | 16,479 views

Scanty Cosplay from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt by korean cosplayer Tasha

sexy scanty cosplay

Another sexy character from panty and stocking with garterbelt cosplay :) Scanty is the daughter of the mayor of Daten City and one of the demon sisters, Panty and Stocking’s archrivals. While a demon, she has proper etiquette and speaks very formally. As Panty’s counterpart, she wears two panties that transforms into revolvers called “Double Gold Lacytanga” but can also turn into a shotgun.

Like her sister Kneesocks, their personalities are also a stark contrast, as they are obsessed with rules, regulations and conformity as opposed to Panty and Stockings more erratic and unruly behavior. She does however become rather frustrated when things don’t go her way.

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Stocking Cosplay Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 | 8,799 views

Stocking Cosplay from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt by uki asami

sexy stocking cosplay panty and stocking with garterbelt

She’s perfect ! that’s all i can say about this stocking cosplay, the wig hair, gothic dress, and the honekoneko doll… this is a perfect panty & stocking with garterbelt cosplay i’ve ever seen so far, not to mention uki asami cuteness :P

Stocking is Panty’s younger sister. A violet-haired ‘goth loli’ girl with a gluttonous appetite for sweet desserts. Her stockings transform into a pair of swords: “Stripes I & II.” Of the two, she is the intelligent and responsible one. She can be as mean as Panty, if not more so, but seems to have the capacity to be much nicer.
She is almost always seen carrying around her plush cat, Honekoneko (Bone Kitten), whose expressions often match Stocking’s mood. She isn’t as interested in sex (though she does have some kinky attributes, such as having sex toys and a thing for bondage and electrocution) and does not eat any spicy food.

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