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Andromeda Shun Saint Seiya Cosplay

Saturday, July 11th, 2009 | 16,922 views

Cosplay Character

Andromeda Shun cosplay from Saint Seiya
Cosplayer : Hinoki Sakurai

Andromeda Shun is arguably one of the strongest characters in the series, although his gentle disposition and kind nature tend to hold him back from using his full power, until he is forced to do so. Shun is also the younger brother of Phoenix Ikki, a fellow Bronze Saint. To fight, Shun normally relies on the Andromeda chain, as he does not want to use his full power because he does not want to kill the opponents.
Well just like Fuji from The Prince of Tennis, i thought Shun was a girl >.< because of his eyes and his pink armor... what a bishounen… This bishounen cosplay looks really cool ! the armor pretty well made, and there’s Andromeda chain too ^^ What a great work ! i love this Andromeda Shun cosplay.



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