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Kipi Tsukamoto Tenma School Rumble Cosplay

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 | 9,739 views

Cosplay Character

Tsukamoto Tenma cosplay from School Rumble
Cosplayer : Kipi

The older of the two Tsukamoto sisters, her childish appearance and behavior often make people think she’s actually the younger one.
Her mood and emotions are always expressed openly with every part of her being, including her hair which she leaves down, except for her two antennae which move by themselves according to her current mood.
Mostly bi-polar, she tends to be extreme with her emotions, making a big drama out of any little event in her life.
School Rumble is one of my favorite anime all the time, the craziest story ( in fun way of course :P), endless loveline, and the super funny characters :D like Tsukamoto Tenma. Kipi looks so cute with this uniform, her twintail just like tenma :) Cute !



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