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Photo Scanning With Photobin

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 | 2,088 views

Do you have a lot of cosplay photo that you want to make something special about it ? like posters, photo calendars, gift card or even photo books :D You can try to do these on, where it allows you to make your own custom photo calendar with online calendar maker without having to download any software ! just like a photo scanning.

The process is simple, create account and login then select gallery you want to upload and add photos.. done ! now you can choose to create some products. Because the christmas is coming i would consider to send some of my cosplay photo as a gift card for my friends, or creating photo calendars 2011 with cosplay photo on it so i can put it on a display then view them. Also i can make some cosplay photo books as a portfolio where i can show my client every cosplay photo that i made :P

With this i can share my old cosplay photos with a special way ! so if you wondering how to make online photo calendars or photo books you can always visit photobin and use their services

Theater City Guides

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 | 2,509 views

Have you ever want to go to other countries to watch theater in those countries ? and wondering if you can know more what event will be available and where are the places ? don’t worry my friend calin just find out where to find them so you can be prepared :) You can check the city guides website and look for available tickets for theater event, find out more where the venue is !

The city guides has provided cusomers a safe and easy way to purchase tickets for theater events, so all you need to do is choose the date and country on the tickets and done ! Also they have a lot of event tickets like sports and concerts, maybe after you watch theater and want to watch other event ? You can do that too, they will help you for every event that available on city guides website. I hope this will help you :)

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Concert Ticket For Stadium

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 | 2,896 views

My friend asked me to go watch live concerts of K-On music, but we don’t know where to order tickets and finally we know where to order and make a phone call too bad the tickets already sold :( I must learn how to find ticket fast for another concert, so yesterday i found a website where we can select seating charts and stadium tickets that available for some music concert.

For example you can select seating charts and stadium tickets that available in notre dame stadium. Select one of the upcoming concerts or events from the dates to view available tickets at the concert stadium, they will carry arena seating, box office seats and stadium club seating. They also have seating charts, phone numbers, layouts, and map locations for all venues. If you can’t look online you can also purchase tickets directly for stadium events over the phone.