Photo Scanning With Photobin

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Do you have a lot of cosplay photo that you want to make something special about it ? like posters, photo calendars, gift card or even photo books :D You can try to do these on, where it allows you to make your own custom photo calendar with online calendar maker without having to download any software ! just like a photo scanning.

The process is simple, create account and login then select gallery you want to upload and add photos.. done ! now you can choose to create some products. Because the christmas is coming i would consider to send some of my cosplay photo as a gift card for my friends, or creating photo calendars 2011 with cosplay photo on it so i can put it on a display then view them. Also i can make some cosplay photo books as a portfolio where i can show my client every cosplay photo that i made :P

With this i can share my old cosplay photos with a special way ! so if you wondering how to make online photo calendars or photo books you can always visit photobin and use their services

Over 2500 unique products from Japan -- click now!
Over 2500 unique products from Japan -- click now!

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